Your Religious Ceremony

Notice of Marriage

If you are getting married in any religious building, apart from a church belonging to the Church of England (marriage according to the rites of the Church of England), it is necessary to give formal notice of your marriage to the Superintendent Registrar of the district(s) where you live. You can get married by Certificate without Licence or by Certificate and Licence.

If you are getting married in a Church of England, banns will usually be called but, if they are not called, it is necessary to give notice of marriage by Certificate without Licence in the district(s) in which you both live.

Church marriage outside a district

You can only get married in a church in a different district to where you both live if either of you usually go to worship in that building, or if there is no building of your religion in the district in which you or the person you are marrying lives. Our staff will be glad to help and advise on this matter.

Registering the marriage

The religious building will generally have an appointed person who will register your marriage. If this is not the case, a registrar from the district covering the building must be present at the wedding by prior arrangement.

All enquiries about marriages in the established church (the Church of England) should be made to the clergy of your local parish church.